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Price :    80000/-
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Title :    Bonding router with in-built failover and load balancer
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A Server Load Balancer (SLB) is a critical component in modern IT infrastructure, designed to evenly distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers. This intelligent mechanism optimizes resource utilization, enhances fault tolerance, and ensures high availability for applications and services.

Distributes incoming traffic across servers, preventing overloading on any single server and ensuring optimal performance for users accessing applications or services.

Increases system reliability by redirecting traffic away from failed or underperforming servers, maintaining seamless operations.

Allows for easy scaling of resources by efficiently managing incoming traffic, facilitating the addition of new servers without disruptions.

Supports geo-distributed deployments by directing traffic to the nearest server, reducing latency and enhancing user experience across different regions.

Server Load Balancers operate by evenly distributing incoming traffic across a pool of servers based on predefined algorithms or criteria. These balancers monitor server health, check for available resources, and route traffic accordingly, ensuring optimal performance and availability.

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Country :    India 
City :    Chennai
Mobile :    9789978981

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Name           :    Internet Bonding Router

Contect No. :    9789978981

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