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Title :    What Is the Best Material Available Online For ‘Ethics Integrity and Aptitude’ For IAS?
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To evaluate if a certain action is ethically proper or wrong, ethics analyses human conduct. Ethics For UPSC is a moral philosophy or philosophical book. Whereas ethics in general is what a person or individual thinks about the moral events happening in society and what approach they take to it, an aspirant who wants to learn more about it won't find anything related to it in books and instead must develop their own intellectual and analytical thinking to fully understand each question that is asked in the exam.

Thus, the aspirant sometimes struggles with how to approach this subject. For example, they may get confused with the theoretical portion of the ethics portion or they may become stuck with the case studies, so they need guidance as well as a well-planned strategy in preparing for ethics, integrity, and aptitude for IAS. Currently, the most popular and successful course is the well-designed program offered by one of the best coaching institutes in Delhi, EDEN IAS, whose complete ethics program was developed under the guidance of Tirthankar Roychowdhary sir who is highly sought-after among candidates for Ethics GS4.

The materials and resources they are offering are available both online and offline and are specifically created for aspirants who want to hone their ethical skills because after reading these resources, one doesn't need to take any other approaches or search for additional materials or resources.

So, some of the well-known resources as well as books that they have designed are given below-

A book on the Theoretical portion,
A special booklet on the Thinkers and Thoughts portion
A workbook on ethics case studies
A glossary of ethics terminology 

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