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Title :    What is Ozone Therapy Treatment in New York?
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Ozone is found in the atmosphere when UV light splits a molecule of Oxygen (O2). Each of these Oxygen molecules are powerfully charged and find an intact O2 molecule to bind onto.This forms O3, or tri-atomic ozone. It is these extra oxygen molecules that make oxidative therapies so powerful. Many harmful pathogens need an anaerobic environment, which means they don't like oxygen. In the presence of extra oxygen, they are inactivated.

An Ozone Therapy Treatment is administered in a variety of ways. It can be absorbed in a water solution in a specialized airtight bath, it can be injected intravenously or intramuscularly, or applied to surface wounds. It can also be used as a gas inserted into various body orifices, to be absorbed by soft mucosal tissues. At Patients Medical, it is dissolve it into your blood and give the ozonated blood back IV. We will determine the best course of administering Ozone Therapy, depending on the condition of the patient and how the symptoms of a particular disease are manifested.

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