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Title :    When and how do you start the UPSC answer writing, before the prelims or after the Mains?
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The mains preparation process is very extensive and massive, necessitating a high level of knowledge and expertise in this particular field. The UPSC mains curriculum is like an ocean with so many topics and themes that no matter how much time you have to prepare, it will seem short and you will want more time as the exam draws near. The most frequent query I receive from candidates is when is the best time to begin composing UPSC answer writing—before prelims or after mains? —I can only offer one answer that is both possible and ideal, and that is when you have started your GS preparation along with your approach to writing answers by practicing with previous year's questions. Don't do it for one or two days since those who are serious about getting the job should stick with it until the end of the day when the exam is approaching and up until then keep up the daily practice of answering the questions.

If one is unable to handle this approach or cannot follow through with the necessary discipline in this approach, they can join any platform. For example, one of the top platforms, EDEN IAS, has been working on a program where they have created a platform for both novice and experienced aspirants by prompting them to learn some of the creative writing tools through a program known as SUGAM and STEPS. The goal of this program is to cover all of the GS curriculum through daily questions, including GS paper 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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